Each Thursday during the autumn, winter and spring months, PEDAS members meet for evening sessions to learn more about art techniques. These are usually active practical sessions. We meet at St. Aldhelm's Academy,
Herbert Ave, Poole, BH12 4HS, 7-9pm

Please try to arrive a little before 7pm, so we can start promptly. Members £3, visitors £5. BMOYC - bring materials of your choice
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Thursday Sessions
2017 Autumn Sessions
The aim of this autumn's sessions is to try to get a sense of movement into our work!

BMOYC = bring materials of your choice

7th September:
Please bring any art work of any sort you have done this summer -
2D/3D for a show and tell session

14th September:
Communal still life (while some of us are in Madrid). Please bring an interesting wooden object ... BMOYC

21st September:
Sally Holland will lead a drawing session - clothed figure with small movement ... BMOYC

28th September:
Penny Wilton on a theme of movement e.g. wind/ speed/ water/ running etc. Equipment appropriate to the medium you wish to use + water colour paper or board. Tissue paper, PVA glue, cling film,sharpened twig, inks, glitter glue, oil pastels, salt

5th October:
Continuing with Penny Wilton

12th October:
Maggie Farmer will lead a moving figure workshop.
20 sheets of cheap A1 cartridge, or lining paper (B&Q 1000 grade)
small cartridge sketch book A5/A4
anything you can use quickly
e.g. crayons/ pastels/ charcoal/ soft pencils (6B),
rubber, sponge, kitchen roll, 1/2"decorator's brush
jar of ready mixed water colour (any colour) with LID!
easel if you wish

19th October:
Life drawing with Andrew Hope
Plenty of cartridge paper and quick mark making equipment
e.g. charcoal/ soft pencils/ pastels

26th October:
Sue Smith and loose water colours. Bring water colour equipment and stretched paper. Pens, ink, crayons,and any reference that takes your fancy

2nd November:
'Moving On' with John Bowen. Bring a painting you have already done that you feel could be rather more dynamic. John will suggest ways in which you can achieve this. Materials suitable to your work

9th November:
Dave White with landscape
Bring some reference images of a landscape you would like to paint and a smallish canvas or canvas board of about 20 x 16", the whole canvas covered in a coat of acrylic. Let it dry and then do a graduated blue sky within the top third of the canvas so that the horizon of the land is two thirds of the canvas. If you wish, select a vanishing point and do cumulus clouds to that vanishing point all the better.

On the evening Dave will then do a number of standard principles and various styles in the first hour for members to choose from as to what they might like to apply to their version in the second. So it will be intensive demonstration in the first hour and one to one help in the second.

16th November:
Complete work started with Dave White

23rd November:
Barry Kavanagh, by popular demand ... 'The Twirls and whirls of van Gogh'. Bring acrylics to paint along, canvas, stuck down paper and white MDF.

30th November:
Diane O'Connor and negative shapes

7th December :
To be announced later

14th December:
Party time ... details to follow