Each Thursday during the autumn, winter and spring months, PEDAS members meet for evening sessions to learn more about art techniques. These are usually active practical sessions. We meet at St. Aldhelm's Academy,
Herbert Ave, Poole, BH12 4HS, 7-9pm

Please try to arrive a little before 7pm, so we can start promptly. Members £3, visitors £5. BMOYC - bring materials of your choice
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Thursday Sessions
2018 Winter/Spring Sessions
11th January:
Demonstration of the use of resin and pigments.
Even if you do not intend to use this medium I am sure you will find the demo interesting.

18th January:
Workshop with John Bowen. 'Working from recollection and memory' BMOYC

25th January:
Continuation of the previous session with John. BMOYC

1st February:
Experimenting with Encaustic wax.
Equipment etc. will be provided. There will be a short period when you will need to be otherwise occupied so please bring materials to make sketches of your colleagues.

8th February:
Following Sally & Liz's presentation at the AGM regarding work for Dorset Art Weeks; Cubism (early style): bring Upton Country Park reference-a very simple scene and also a ruler, sketching paper and MOYC. We will start with some roughs in line and tone, then move to a larger finished piece where a tinted ground (not too vivid) might be an advantage.

15th February:
A second session with Sally re Modernism meets Upton Country Park. Les Nabis: Bring reference from Upton Country Park activities e.g. picnicking, children playing etc. and we will focus on pattern-making, simplification and colour schemes in the Nabis style. BMOYC

22nd February:
Untutored life session. Hopefully this will help for next week's session with Sarah. BMOYC

1st March: Sarah Moore will lead a clay session using the human figure in various poses. Bring a small board, any clay tools you may have and a plastic box to take your work home in.

8th March:
Fun with mandalas- all will be revealed!

15th March:
Drawing the clothed figure. BMOYC

22nd March:
Movement in landscape'- inspired by David Atkins work.
Bring oil or acrylics.