I am fortunate to have retired, and have the time to return to my favourite hobby art, whilst we still had the benefit of the Adult Education Scheme. I studied for a NCFE Certificate in Creative Craft and City & Guilds Level 2 in Design and Craft : Mixed Media.

Recently my art work has progressed into a more contemporary style. I enjoy painting in this manner so that the person viewing the painting can comprehend what I am reflecting in my picture but it poses questions.

In one painting the dramatic thrust of the Jurassic coast with imaginary softer swirls is my theme. Painted in acrylics using palette knife. Another painting was done recently being more reflective and illustrative.

During the summer I visited the boat yard along Poole Quay and my interpretation of the muddle and busy atmosphere of a traditional yard shows the conglomeration of hulls, a pile of lobster pots and a fisherman repairing his nets.

Another painting is my interpretation of Barbara Hepworth's bronze sculpture. I have added an astrological dimension to give a timeless quality and contrast of circles and line.

I have also included a still life in the style of Mary Fedden. An artist I truly admire. But again the vases are hollow and could not hold any liquid. A quirky image I enjoy and makes me smile.
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