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Memories of Fay Anderson
"Happy holiday memories, lots of laughs, such special times.
Goodbye to a special friend."

Jean Toms
"On a painting holiday in France, our group was spending the day by a mussel farm, the owner of the farm asked for one or two of our paintings, In return he gave us a huge bag of fresh mussels, and a bottle of wine to cook them in. Fay took them back to our accommodation and boiled them up, delicious. What a feast."

Barry Kavanagh
"Such sad news. She was having a lovely evening, surrounded by her friends. The wonderful thing is that she knew nothing about it. Hard to believe that she won't be with us again. I shall never forget that on that evening I offered her biscuits and she happily had one."

Lupita Aish
Three of Fay's artworks, on display in Poole Hospital
Fay passed away on 11th November 2016, only hours after suffering a stroke during the regular PEDAS Thursday evening she enjoyed so much. She joined PEDAS around 1997 and from the start threw herself into all our activities with infectious enthusiasm, spending 13 years on the committee covering such diverse roles as Treasurer, Membership Secretary and organising painting days out. Her friends have left fond memories of Fay.
"Fay was a lovely lady, caring and thoughtful with a great sense of humour. I will certainly miss her in future PEDAS meetings and exhibitions. For some reason, I remember her painting a sports car on wood during a Thursday meeting. It was also a treat to see her artwork during Dorset Art Weeks, out at that marvellous site at Creech."

Dave Hendrey
"Fay was such a special person and I was so lucky to share our holidays
together in India for many years. She enjoyed life to the full and I will
miss her good humour and cheerful optimism."

Pam Philip
"A lovely lady - she always brightened up the room."

Anne Peterson
"From our years together on the PEDAS committee, her encouragement and help for me to take over her role as Treasurer, which she had held for many years, to happy times as fellow cast members in Panto, always being up for a laugh, dressing up and being daft !
An all round kind, lovely, interesting and talented lady to have known.
I shall really miss Fay, but will value my fond memories of her greatly."

Mary Smolaga
"Fay has been a wonderful friend as well as one of my first sculpture and stone carving students, and she has come on every carving course in Italy. It was such a pleasure to have her there, always enthusiastic and full of fun.
I remember last year when she broke her hip she phoned me shortly afterwards, and I assumed it was to cancel her holiday. She only rang to ask if I could arrange for her have a stool to perch on while she was carving - so typical.

In August, Fay flew to Rome with me, it was her first visit there, and we joined a luxury three-day cruise, a first for both of us, then spent three more days in Rome. Fay was amazing, she didn't want to miss out on anything. We packed so much into those days - we saw the Bernini sculptures in the Borghese Gallery, we went to the Pantheon, the Colosseum, the Sistine Chapel, and The Trevi Fountain by day and by night, and of course had some excellent meals and wine. Fay had a wicked sense of humour -I can't think of a better companion."

Sarah Moore
"A delightful lady. She always had so much to share at the classes at St Joseph's and Holt. She encouraged beginners and always appreciated discussing her paintings. She told so many tales of her wonderful trips to India and produced some very atmospheric work, she will be sadly missed."

Penny Wilton
"So many happy memories of times with Fay, painting, laughing, eating and drinking on some of the holidays I've spent with her. Sometimes she would talk of all the adventures she had as a young woman - she had a wicked sense of humour! It was Fay who first introduced me to PEDAS. I only found out two years later that she had smuggled me in as a member when she was Membership Secretary! I will miss her very much."

Val Taylor
"My memories of Fay go back to the first time I attended a PEDAS meeting many years ago now. She was so kind and helpful taking me under her wing that I knew I wanted to join.

Over the following years we travelled on all the PEDAS trips sharing a room and generally having a jolly good time. I'm sure many will remember coming to our room for the usual G and T before we set out for the evening. In fact, the gin was the first thing we packed! I'm not sure who led whom astray here!

Then Fay introduced me to stone carving and we would meet up once a week with our other friends just enjoying each other's company, the stone carving being secondary sometimes.

Cliff also enjoyed our friendship and we even all met up in New Zealand and stayed with Fay's friend Verena. Then Fay, Cliff and I had our regular visits to the cinema at The Lighthouse. Fay would also join us for coffee on a Saturday morning in Waitrose when we did our shopping. All such happy memories.

In writing down these memories of Fay, I realise how much she had become part of our lives, joining us on many a family occasion. I can't tell you how much I will miss her company and friendship."

Barbara Woods
"On a family history trip to London over twenty years ago, I met Fay and she introduced me to PEDAS, held my hand for the first few sessions and also got me into stone carving. Now my two main hobbies.

You could always guarantee Fay was up to mischief - I think it went back to her school days. There was the tale of her brandishing her stick at Versailles where we (I was her carer!) skipped the madding hordes - twice - to the front of a very long queue and up in a lift meant for thirty at least, all well in front of hundreds of others. And who would have got a new hip (she fell clutching a couple of bottles of wine) on the NHS in less than 24hours - only Fay! She will be very much missed."

Pat Burnham
"In memory of Fay. A kind and generous lady whose warmth touched us all."

Caroline Robertson
"I remember Fay from the day she walked into an exhibition at the Seldown Gallery and asked us what would be a good art club to join, I think we talked her into being treasurer there and then! We have shared many holidays, exhibitions, pantomimes and I remember her as always laughing and making it fun for all of us. Amongst many other pantomime roles she was a hilarious rat in Dick Whittington."

Liz Magee